Wanderlust Greece: Round the Peloponnese in 10 days

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It is said that the journey begins the moment you start preparing for it. And that is a fact. You spread out the map across the dining table, then check out the Google versions; keep notes; calculate distances from A to B; make a note of towns and villages you intend to visit; collect ideas for various activities and “must have” experiences and finally pack your bags.

Everything is ready for tomorrow’s most wanderlust trip! In my mind I am already in the car heading for the Peloponnese. In reality, I am still at home. How on earth am I going to get some sleep? My eyes just won’t close as my frenzied imagination runs through all the exciting adventures to come!

I check the weather forecast one last time. It will be more like summertime than autumn. Perfect!

Our journey starts in Argolida. We are spoilt for choice with so many beautiful places in the prefecture, but our first destination is Ancient Epidaurus, followed by the beautiful city of Nafplio.

Wanderlust Day 1: Argolida Prefecture

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is majestic. There are quite a number of people here enjoying the October sunshine. I soon begin to experience a familiar sense of awe as I enter the archaeological site, a finely preserved representation of ancient Greek culture at its height! I find myself almost running up the marble steps to reach the top tiers, from where I hear a crystal-clear recital of a Kavafis poem by an Italian woman down on the stage. The symmetry of the theater and its excellent acoustics are as amazing as ever. How far ahead of their times our ancestors were!

As even more people arrive and the theatre starts filling up, it is time for me to go. I drop by the museum and Asclepius Sanctuary and after some essential photography, get back into the car and drive to Nafplio, the first capital city of Modern Greece.

I leave my stuff in the hotel and quickly lose myself in its alleyways. I wander here and there, pointing my lens at clusters of bougainvillea and the odd colourful bicycle leaning nonchalantly against a wall. I emerge from the labyrinth and head towards the harbor to check out Bourtzi, the small island fortress in the bay with a thousand stories engrained in its stone work. From here, I turn my attention to Palamidi, the castle above the city where war hero Kolokotronis was imprisoned, commanding fabulous views of the surroundings. When night falls, it is time for dinner in a traditional tavern, not forgetting a well-deserved dessert and a drink in one of the town clubs. After all, Nafplio has it all, history, art, nature, taste and nightlife.

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